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We strive to ship quality trees in good growing condition. We exercise care to keep varieties true to name and will replace, upon proper proof, any stock that may prove otherwise. We will not be liable for any amount greater than the original purchase price paid to us. We are not responsible for delay in shipment or damage to stock from any cause after shipment is turned over to common carriers.
Failure of trees may result from improper planting, lack of or excessive moisture, over fertilization, frost, freeze, etc. Therefore, we cannot guarantee growth of trees once planted on customer’s premises. All claims against orders must be filed with our office within 10 days after delivery. No claims after 10 days for shipments to Zones 3, 4, and 5. Replacement trees are at 1/2 price plus shipping cost and must be prepaid by customer.
Requested tree size is not always possible. We try to furnish requested size but tree sizes may vary. Trees are available only during our shipping season.
Orders accepted by us constitute agreement to the terms listed above.


All orders require a 50% deposit due by October 1st, with the estimated balance due prior to shipment. Shipping charges are estimated for all orders and corrected to reflect actual charges at ship. We do accept all major credit cards for payment of balance. Any exceptions to this must be made with our office prior to shipping.
Collection of past due account balances without our approved terms of payment will be subject to the maximum allowable interest and penalty charges.
Orders that consist of fewer than 10 trees per variety will be charged at the 1-29 price plus box charge regardless of total number of trees ordered.

Shipping methods include FedEx ground or motor freight (prepaid at our rates) with actual charges corrected on final invoice. Arrangements may also be made to pick up your order at our location.

Vaughn Nursery
8678 Smithville Hwy. McMinnville, TN 37110
Our trees are bareroot and are available for delivery or pre-arranged pick up at our location during the shipping season.

Our shipping season is
January through Mid-March
All orders placed and accepted and delivered by Vaughn Nursery constitute agreement to all of the claims and terms and conditions listed here within.
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